Getting an Artist to Read

I’m researching comic books/graphic novels for my niece’s birthday. I have until the end of July to make my choice (her birthday is the first week of August), but I want to find something artsy, easy to read, and super fun. She’s getting less self-conscious about reading in front of people (she’s better at it than she thinks), but it’s a slow process. She IS, however, an artist–her artwork is on display at her city hall–and that’s what made me think of comic books. Any ideas on which titles to get a soon-to-be 8 year old? I’m starting with Babymouse. It’s very princess-y. Anyone know of a superhero-style comic book that would be appropriate? Maybe something like Wonder Woman or Super Girl? If I can find something she likes, I’ll get her a subscription for Christmas. I’m not an expert on graphic novels, so I’ll take any advice I can get!





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